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‘Carbon is profoundly important in the universe. She is what makes us possible.’

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‘How do we come from the basic building blocks of planets and gases and molecules in the universe, how does that come to be reorganized into this complex thing called life’

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‘We are nature, because we are made of carbon. So is everything else.’

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‘We've developed this relationship with carbon that has benefited us humans in many, many powerful ways… We now have the feeling that we're managing a planet, but what we're beginning to learn is that we're in a lot less control of things than we thought. And the power itself is dangerous.’

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‘When we step forward into the bright light of electric modernity, we need to be attendant to the shadow, and there are always shadows with these moments of progress.’ 

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‘Carbon has gone from being a benevolent force, a protector of the earth system in a stable state, but now she’s being released and increasing in the atmosphere.  She is becoming a destroyer.’

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‘As the winters are getting warmer, we are seeing that the ice is not doing its job of trapping the methane. Methane is coming out in the winter because the ice lenses that were trapping the methane are melting and the gas is just escaping on its own’

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‘This is part of this new normal. This is actually a scientist's worst nightmare. The very thing that we've been trying to talk to people about is actually unfolding right now.’ 

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‘This land is made of the dust of our ancestors. And when I think of that, and I think of what family means in our language and what people mean in our language. It's not just the human people. It's not just our immediate blood family, it's the family of all life that we belong to.’

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‘The carbon cycle shows that we're all irretrievably connected … we're all in this together.’

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‘My vision for the future is where a hundred percent of our energy consumption comes from renewable sources, sources that do not emit carbon. This means that we no longer have to disturb her. We no longer have to dig her up as a fossil fue,l burn her, emit carbon dioxide into the air. Rather we can just leave her where she is.’

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